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Richard Armitage #ALSA IceBucketChallenge

This man is simply great ^^

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Richard Armitage: The Esquire Magazine Photoshoot.

The video is simply incredible but Richard’s look at the end is simply… wow!

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Hi :) Always happy to help :)

I’m really glad my work allows you to enjoy more our wonderful Richard ^^

I will make Episode 4 as soon as possible, I promise. This way, you will be able to see the entire series without having to watch the entire series ^^

Good day :)

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Richard Armitage’s scenes as Dr Alec Track in The Golden Hour Part 3
Sorry for the delay… it took me awhile but finally, here part 3… enjoy ^^

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This video has been made only for entertainment.

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and I must admit that I really liked it!

Warning, there are some spoilers.

First of all, Richard Armitage is totally flawless, as always!! I found him as great as an actor as handsome as a man and tender as a father…

The 2 hugs scenes between him and his sons (the first when they are…

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Premiere is August Monday 11th at 8pm!

Of course, it’s not a big Premiere, it’s just on my city’s theatre but I’m so happy. I was so afraid it will not be on screen.

Can’t wait to see it! I just hope they will give the movie in Original Version too! So I could see it several times ^^



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Richard Armitage's Calendar 2014: all the versions I made for August.

Hope you’ll enjoy them. As always, tell me please what is or are your favorite(s) :)

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New “Into the Storm” poster.

I really like this version.

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John Proctor and Abigail (The Crucible)

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Title: Excerpt of The Crucible

Artist: Richard Armitage

1,285 plays

Excerpt of The Crucible

Discussion between John Proctor (Richard Armitage) and his wife, Elizabeth (Anna Madeley) concerning Abigail.

You can listen another excerpt here.